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Oil Pulling Secrets

Be aware of all the claims that there are some secrets to oil pulling and you have to spend money ( Buying books or attending seminars or visitng forums) to find what they are. There are no SECRETS in oilpulling method. oil pulling is relatively unknown method and with's first ever publication on internet, This method spread all over the world and got the popularity what it enjoys today.

With the popularity there entered money minded people we want to make money by filling garbage in books and websites. oil pulling is a very simple process, all you need is 5 MINUTES to learn this process. This is not a complicated process at all and it is a harmless and most cost effective method.

oil pulling is popular in india through distribution of pamphlates in yoga centers and ayurvedic workshops etc. Nobody ever made any money in preaching and publicizing this. It is not advisable to commercialize any aspect of oil pulling. The knowledge needs to be shared freely so that every one can get benefit out of this. by packaging this in to books with junk and try to make it look like there are secrets to oil pulling method is an act of deception.

oil pulling is really beneficial to many and at the same time, not so for others. The only way to know this is to practice this. If this helps you with your current condition. Pl. go on doing it and tell us your experience (, recommend this to others and we will publish that.. Please visit us back to read those. We have received many emails which clearly says it  WORKS.  We have also received some emails which are not so encouraging to use this method. We will publish both of those in coming months.

We have published this website with an intention to give information to the world What is oilpulling ?and How it is done?  At the same time try to give some information on its benefits as it was told by many people.

Hence we are making an E BOOK 100% FREE and available to download for everyone.

Our sincere request to all of those who are trying to make money by selling books and trying to package it with their own oil pulling programs to STOP doing that. Instead they can make those available FREE TO ALL so that many can get benefit out of this.

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