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IS Oil Pulling Therapy a SCAM?

oil pulling is a simple, completely harmless, and inexpensive unlike most of medical treatments. The cost is the price of a daily spoonful of vegetable oil—cheaper than even a vitamin tablet. Yet it is one of the most powerful forms of therapy. Hence many people think it is one more SCAM from some one who wants to get profit from noone knows what from. is the first ever website to publish on this wonderful therapy. We are glad to say that thousands of websites all over the world took the content from popularized this therapy, one astonishing fact about this therapy is it is the simplest of all the natural remedies and won the confidence of millions of people all around the world.

Oilpulling Method is not a SCAM. It becomes a SCAM only when some one try to sell you different types of oils or try to sell you different books or oilpulling healing services or create web forums which instead of good creates unnecessary complications to this method.

At we recommend Sunflower Oil or Seasme Oil to use in oil pulling therapy. Thousands of people across the globe says use cold pressed Sunflower or Seasme oil as first choice, if it is not available use refined Sunflower or Seasme Oil. We have observed that any oil other than Sunflower or Seasme may not be as effective.
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Pl.note we don't advertise or ask you to buy any specific brand of oil. If some one does that on their website, it is sure a SCAM to make money. is not associated with any oil company and oil pulling therapy is not a conspiracy by some oil companies to sell you a product. Since 2004 we are the most trusted source of information on the WEB on this oilpulling therapy. Most of the websites you see on the net today copied information from our site. When we first started in 2004 there were only couple of German sites on this subject. We published this site with a noble cause, our intent was to publish this site and let the users decide on the pros and cons of oilpulling method.

Also at we don't SELL ANY BOOKS. To our knowledge it is not a complicated method. What you have read so far in this website is all to it. but we see and hearing from people that they want to read it in a book form. Hence we are making a FREE E-BOOK avaialble which can be downloaded from the link. pl. email us at to receive the link.

BE CAUTIONED : Many people try to get a profit from filling the pages with garbage and in the end what you would get is how to do this as explained in How to do Oil Pulling? . There is nothing else you would see in those books. Pl. don't spend your valuable money in buying any book on oilpulling.

Also at we don't want you to blindly follow this method. Please read Discalimer, consult your doctor. If you think you can get benefit out of this method, feel free to do so at your own RISK.

Oilpulling FORUM SCAM:

This is another type of SCAM with oilpulling method. Some of the websites created a FORUM and filled that with garbage, trying to put their own spin on this and some of the moderators have even posing them selves as experts on this subject.

Oilpulling BOOK Publishing SCAM:

Some of them wrote books on oil-pulling . They simply copied content from our website and put their own spin on this. filled their books with garbage. Pl. also don't get mislead by Pseudo Experts on this method. Since this is a new method, you may have lot of questions, and you want to turn to someone who seems to be understanding this method better and try to get answers. In the beginning, there were few people who created oilpulling pamphlates and distributed them free of cost at yoga centers and healing clinics. This is what we support. If any body wants to share their knowledge FREE , we support that idea. But we don't believe or encourage any body selling books or services on oilpulling for profit.

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This is where the EXPERTS or EXPERT Advice SCAM comes to picture and we would like you to be very cautious in approaching any one who claims, he is an expert on this method.

The only expert on oil pulling therapy method was Dr. F. Karach and to this date no one knows where/Who he is.

If you still want some more information on this method look at What is oilpulling ?

We have explained you all you need to know about this method already in this website. This method is like MEDITATION , the result of it differs from person to person. If you try to seek advice from some of these pseudo experts, they will SCAM you with unrelated garbage.

Being said that, We can tell you one last thing for sure here, there are thousands of people across the GLOBE who practiced oilpulling and when they saw the benefit , they encouraged others to do it ( References ) .

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