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Healthy Habits,Putting an end to Medicines

Creatures of all types are leading their lives in a systematic way. Since they have no other work, they lead a life of dharma. Each living organism has its own dharma, and the dharma of its body. Since these organisms fulfill their dharma, they are leading a healthy life far from diseases, ailments, medicines and bed rest. They are happy too. Man, however, is a social animal. He cannot dedicate all his  time to health or to the dharma of his body. Since he places more importance on others ignoring his responsibility he faces health hazards. Had he devoted a few hours a day to his body, he would not have had to go to a doctor. Ever since the dawn of civilization, man has had time for making improvements in every area of life, except for his own health. He is realizing its importance too late. All his innovations can be enjoyed only if he has sound health. Our lifestyle is the sole cause of our health hazards. We are changing our bodies to suit our habits. We are not providing it what it requires. For instance, we do not give it sufficient water. We blindly eat without knowing what to eat, how to eat or how much to eat. We are not able to breathe properly. We do not pay attention to our bodies’ natural rhythms.

Due to our bad habits, the body becomes vulnerable to disease. Now through science we attempt to cure man completely of his diseases. But the tragedy is that medical sciences and doctors aim at the complaints only. They dispense medicines only for ailments. They do not take into consideration man’s lifestyle, so they are not able to drive out the deep-rooted cause of the disease. They tell us these diseases are chronic and that we should be life-long devotees of medicine, and we follow them blindly. But our body continues to suffer year after year. There is, however, a way out to rid us of these diseases and ailments. Instead of making our body adjusted to our habits, we must adjust our habits to suit our body.

This is the only solution. We have no other option, and that is a 100% certainty. If we don’t change our lifestyle according to the requirements of the body, we cannot put an end to our ill health. A sensible soul will realize his mistake in time and rise to great heights. Let bygones be bygones. Let us set aside our previous habits, thoughts, ideas and lifestyle. Let us follow the new routine that suits the requirements of the body and to make it pure and disease-free. Food is the actual medicine. It may look incredible. But we  don’t need any other medicine. The body cures itself of all ailments step by step with the new food habit. Consequently the intake of medicines can be reduced gradually. Ultimately a day will come when you don’t need them at all. You can comfortably look forward for such a day, if you strictly adhere to the rules of this new routine. Suppose you can’t adhere to it completely--you continue to depend upon medicines . If I ask you to stop medicines, it is not because I am against medicines. I am against the thought that medicines alone will cure us and that we should take them life long.

Medicines should be taken only in emergency cases. Haven’t you heard the saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away? This apple symbolizes the natural foods you are asked to consume. So don’t be slave to medicines. It is high time you wake up and lead the rest of your life happily. What should you do? You should not, at one shot, put an end to all medicines if you are on medication. This can lead to unnecessary complications. The “medicine” of salt should be stopped at once, but the same rule is not applicable to other medicines. You should wean yourself away from them slowly. If you give them up slowly, then you are showing your due respect to both Allopathy and Naturopathy. It is our humble duty to honor all types of medical sciences. Now let me analyze how various ailments can be cured by a change in food habits.

1.High blood pressure patients
You should follow your routine without any change. Since you have given up salt totally, it is the best treatment for high blood pressure. But, as mentioned earlier, you cannot totally give up medicines from day one. Continue all your medicines, get your blood pressure tested every four days and reduce just one tablet, if your blood pressure is 120/80 or a little less than  that while resting. There is a possibility that your blood pressure may shoot up the next day. Since you have given up one tablet, it is no problem. Continue and get tested once again. If it is still 120/80 or less, once again, you give up another tablet per day. If you slowly decrease your intake of tablets, ultimately you will reach a day where you can put an end to them.

But if your blood pressure is 150/90 or higher initially, don’t give up medicines immediately. Follow the above procedure gradually. If an allopathy doctor learns that you have given up salt totally, he will become alarmed. He will scare you that it is harmful. But if you yield to him, you can never be cured of your blood pressure, can never avoid medicine, and can never save your money for use on better things. Year by year the number of your blood pressure medicines will increase and, proportionately, your body will be affected. Doctors should first try a salt free diet for themselves and realize its impact. But the tragedy is they don’t give up salt and they don’t allow us to do so either. We are told that the normal blood pressure is 120/80, but it is wrong. You may think I am a madman for saying so, but the fact is we have been consuming too much salt since childhood. As a result, we are becoming blood pressure patients even in youth. You may be surprised at this, and you may be hearing this for the first time, but this is the harsh reality: the normal blood pressure for a healthy man is 100/70. If anyone’s blood pressure is higher than that, he is a blood pressure patient. Since every human being consumes salt, 120/80 or 110/70 has become a normally accepted blood pressure.

Even I believed that normal blood pressure is 120/80. Until five years ago, I also had the same reading. After I stopped salt completely, I got a check up after five months. It had come down to 100/70. I was concerned that this was, in fact, a low blood pressure. But after several months there was no change in my blood pressure, and I was more energetic and healthier than when I had 120/80. I wondered if this feature was peculiar to me or if it was common with everyone following my type of diet. So, I examined all my patients with a salt-free diet. It was the same for everyone. You know what? It is not beyond 110/70 or 100/70 for any age group – 25, 40, 60, even 80 year old people. The same blood pressure is maintained for  all those who have not been consuming salt for ages. So it is a wrong notion to think that blood pressure increases with age. Now it has been proved by our natural lifestyle that blood pressure increase due to age is not correct; it increases because the salt we eat hardens the blood vessels. If we stop the intake of salt, the body retains only the amount required to assist the heart function in a healthy body.

The normal pressure is 100/70, which means that the heart is able to supply blood all over the body with little pressure on itself. If we have a low blood pressure like this, our hearts can last 150 years. Except for kidney patients, most people who follow our natural lifestyle are cured 100% of blood pressure. When you read the chapter “Experiences and Feelings,” you can see for yourself. If you resume eating salt, within ten days your blood pressure will increase. My sincere advice is, if you want to eat salt, better you buy medicines too.

2. Low blood pressure patients The one perennial question I always face: “You advice us to give up salt totally, whereas doctors advise low blood pressure patients to add salt to everything they eat. Whose advice should we follow? Don’t you think salt-free diet leads to low blood pressure?” The problem is there is a deep-rooted belief that the only medicine for low blood pressure is adding more salt to your food. Okay, so by adding salt you may be relieved of your suffering for the time being. But, are you cured of your low blood pressure permanently by consuming salt? No.

Then listen to my argument. Low blood pressure symptoms are seen in those people who don’t drink a required amount of water. Even if your blood pressure is less than 120/80, if you drink plenty of water, you will not become dizzy. Even in those who are very active, blood pressure for them will be only 100/70. But will any doctor call them low blood pressure patients? No, the doctor will say it is normal for an athlete. Since they are quite healthy, they have that pressure. In that case, don’t you think we should also have the same blood pressure if we are also healthy?  It is always better to start drinking five liters of water first and then stop eating salt. Otherwise no salt and no water situation lead to giddiness and you may even faint on the very first day. Plenty of water helps in pumping sufficient blood to the head and brain. So dizziness will be minimized. Even bathing the head in cold water is good for low blood pressure. If you don’t follow this food style properly, you will feel weak and dizzy. If you assume that this is due to low blood pressure and begin eating salt, you will never be rid of your low blood pressure. Even if both the kidneys fail, you cannot stop taking salt. So, for whatsoever reason, don’t add even a pinch of salt to your food. Drink two to three glasses of tender coconut water a day when you start this new routine.

It will reduce your weakness and is good for low blood pressure patients. Raw vegetable juice is a must. If you follow these precautions, you won’t have to use salt. You can see the difference for yourself from the second day. We can say we have tamed low blood pressure. 3. Diabetes The general belief is you develop diabetes because your grandfather is a diabetic patient or because your father and mother both are affected by it. So you think it is hereditary and you suffer from it due to your genes, not because you had some bad habits. Once a diabetic always a diabetic is the belief. So diabetics get depressed due to this belief. I too agree there is no medicine for diabetes. But it is also true that if you make up your mind, you can get rid of it. The doctors say there is no medicine for diabetics, but they don’t say there is no food to cure it. In natural lifestyle food only is the medicine. And it can get rid of diabetes.

Those who follow natural lifestyle while taking medicines gradually give them up. They can eat fruits like anybody else. Even for those who take insulin, 70% of them are cured of the disease without the need for insulin. Sugar reduces in proportion to salt. Less salt means less sugar. Salt and cells are closely related to each other. The cells don’t use sugar quickly when salt is taken, so the sugar content of the blood increases. If you stop the intake of salt, the cells’ workmanship increases. Now let’s think of the diet. If you are a diabetic, drink vegetable juice made of tomato and carrot. If your sugar reading is lower, you can add two spoonfuls of honey.

Eat chapattis (breads) with curries until the disease subsides; then you can start eating rice. If you are taking only one tablet a day, you can eat, from day one, fruits like sweet lemon, pomegranate, papaya, watermelon, and guava every day. But dates should not be eaten until your sugar level is totally under control. Do not use honey. You can get rid of diabetes quickly if you eat pulkas (breads) with lots of curries in the morning and, in the evening, pulkas with raw vegetables. Every four or five days, test your sugar after lunch, and reduce a tablet daily if it is 120 - 130mg%. Thus you can gradually reduce until you totally put an end to using insulin. You won’t feel weak if your sugar level is greater than normal. But if it is less than normal, you should totally give up medicines. Those who take two tablets a day can reach to normal reading within a month without a need for medicine. You can begin consuming fruits, honey, and dates on the day you reach a normal reading.

The same way, those who inject insulin should also test themselves once every two or three days in the first ten days and reduce the dosage slowly. Your post-lunch reading should not be less than 150mg%. It can shoot up to 250mg%. No problem. If you can eat pulkas with raw vegetables for both lunch and dinner, it’s much better. Diabetics won’t feel weak if they eat sprouted seeds.

There are many causes for headaches. No medicine can cure any of them; it can only mitigate your pain. So the only suggested cure for a headache is a pain reliever whenever you have headache as long as you live. But in our natural lifestyle, if you can strictly adhere to the routine suggested, I can assure you, that your lifelong headaches will be totally driven away  within a month. There will not be a single soul who can say I am still suffering from headache. You will be completely free and will no longer require any medicine at all. Would you like to know how? Just follow the daily routine strictly according to the rules. Especially drink five liters of water and bathe your head in cold water every day without fail. Be aware that you may suffer from severe headache during the first four, five days. In such case, don’t give up your regular medicine. Stop taking it only after your headache subsides completely. If you have a problem with constipation, you will need to have an enema before eating. You will not be cured of your headache unless you have regular bowel movements. Many people get rid of their headaches completely within 10-15 days. If necessary (if your headaches persist) it is better to have a head bath in the evening.


The general opinion is that arthritis is a symptom of age. Others say that arthritis is the result of worn out bones and joints with no lubricants. So they need an operation. For any case of joint pain, swelling, or arthritis, the cure is one and the same. Your previous lifestyle of consuming salt has ruined your joints. But your new food style can help you cure them. The foods you eat, raw vegetables and other high-fiber items, help in the formation of natural sticky substance in the center of the joints and prevent a rupture of them. Salt-free food drains out the water in the joints and reduces swelling. You don’t have to change your new lifestyle in any way. You can reduce the medicines based on the improvement of your pain. When the pain is severe, if you apply a bit of sesame oil, do fomentation with lukewarm water, and later tie a wet cloth over that area, you will find some relief.

6.Gas trouble and acidity

People suffering from gas trouble and acidity are generally  asked to stop eating sour food, reduce spicy items and avoid lemon. Any number of medicines may give them only temporary relief, but not a total cure. Why? The root cause has not been addressed. Unless you have a very normal bowel movement, you can’t be rid of these symptoms. If you drink five liters of water in a systematic way and eat plenty of vegetables, you will get a free bowel movement and so the formation of gas in the stomach will be reduced. In case you don’t get a free movement, you must have an enema. You can use lemon. If you feel uneasy initially, eat only curd rice for lunch and dinner and fruits now and then.

The salt and oil-free diet controls the formation of acids, so you will not have an acidity problem. If you like, you can drink honey and limejuice mixed in lukewarm water. Especially if you suffer from these two symptoms, you should not eat food until you feel very hungry, even if it is time to eat. You can stop medicines one day before beginning your new diet. If you feel uneasiness during this time, you can take medicine. If you don’t feel hungry, your digestion is not proper, and you feel uneasy in the early days, then stop eating sprouted seeds replacing with fruits. You can resume eating sprouted seeds after few days.

7. Constipation
If you are taking medicines daily to help your bowel movements, you can stop them from day one. Since you drink a liter to liter and a half of water at a time, the fecal matter will be soaked and so you will have a free bowel movement. The second dose of water in the evening water before eating will also enable you to have a free bowel movement if you concentrate on it while drinking your water. If your constipation persists, have an enema in the morning with lukewarm water. It helps you clear your bowels and you will feel hungry. If you have this problem, it is better to drink seven or eight liters of water a day. In terms of food, you should eat lots of vegetable curries, coconut, and all types of pulpy fruits, especially papaya. If you follow the rest of the routine as per our specifications, you will have a free bowel movement two, three times a day. You will also feel terribly hungry.

8. Heart Troubles
These patients will be using a greater number of medicines. If you are a heart patient, you should follow this new routine per schedule, have your blood pressure checked once a week, and eliminate that medicine for BP first. Other medicines you can reduce slowly and steadily after a month, on doctor’s advice. At this rate, by the end of the fourth month, you can completely give up all medicines. As long as you stick to this lifestyle, you can lead a happy life without medicines and surgeries.

9. Asthma patients
We all think there is no permanent cure for asthma. Asthma is like grass on the ground. The grass keeps growing and is green as long as it gets an adequate supply of water. Once the water supply is cut off, it stops growing, but its roots will be buried deep in the ground. At the next drop of water, it will sprout again. Salt to asthma is like water to grass. As long as asthma doesn’t have a supply of salt, it becomes dry. Once it gets salt, however, it springs up like grass. So, among asthma patients, those who can give up salt are the lucky souls.

The new diet cures them of this disease in two or three months. Of course it may take five or six months for some people. You will gain great relief if you totally depend on raw vegetables, fruits, seeds, etc. In the beginning instead of bathing your head in cold water, bathe it in lukewarm water every two or three days. Drink lukewarm water in the morning. Add honey to all juices. It gives you energy. You should eat food to fill only 70% of your stomach keeping 30% empty. Have dinner early in the evening.

If you still suffer from cough or breathlessness, give up eating breakfast and in place of it, drink honey and lemon juice mixed with lukewarm water two or three times. If necessary, apply some oil to your chest and do steam inhalation. Phlegm will be produced as a result. Following these methods, you can gradually reduce the use of an inhaler or medicine until you give them up entirely.
10. Sinus trouble
The rivers may dry up in summer, but some people always have a running nose. Because of this, they have breathing trouble and sleeplessness. They may feel uncomfortable going out in public. As the saying goes, a treated cold takes one week to cure, whereas an untreated cold requires seven days. But in a natural lifestyle, cold or sinus trouble can easily be cured. The simple cure is to give up salt entirely and drink five or six liters of water a day. Vegetable juice adds to the cure. If you are a sinus patient or are suffering from cold, follow this new routine and go for brisk walk or jog in the morning, or do any work that activates your muscles. It is a must. You can follow the same diet as prescribed for asthma patients. If at any time your nose gets blocked, instead of using nasal drops, if you apply honey with your fingers into the nose as far as you can, you will feel free of the blockage at once.

11. Patients suffering from cholesterol or triglycerides

You can give up your medicines from starting on day one. The food we eat now is free from oil, sugar, ghee, flour, etc., so the increase in the amount of cholesterol will come to a standstill. In addition to that, our new food contains ingredients that can fight cholesterol and triglycerides in our body. Slowly they will reduce. Especially sprouted seeds, raw vegetable juice, plenty of vegetables, unpolished rice, and fruits are more effective than medicines against cholesterol. You can undoubtedly use raw coconut. It does no harm. But if you have triglycerides, avoid rice and dates. The rest is the same as for others.

12. Those who take vitamin tablets

Until recently you had not eaten a proper diet, so you wanted an external aid in the form of tablets for energy. But now since 60% of the food you eat is raw, you will get sufficient quantity of protein-rich food. Honey and dates help you to make more blood. Instead of ordinary rice, the unpolished (brown) rice you eat provides the required amount of 13 vitamins. Also, the salt-free, oil-free diet enables the intestines to better absorb the essence of the food. A balanced diet is provided by the numerous vegetable curries we eat. Sprouted seeds are enriched with proteins. So you can put end to taking vitamins as soon as you begin following this diet. Your daily routine will make you energetic and healthy.

13. Thyroid patients
The belief that thyroid patients have to take medicines for life is not true either. Natural iodine is required for the thyroid gland, since it is missing in our food, the gland cannot produce hormones properly. If you eat natural food every day all glands in the body will function normally. The thyroid may also function normally and produce the necessary hormones. Eighty to ninety percent of thyroid patients have recovered by following natural lifestyle. If you follow the routine exactly for three, four months, hormones can come back to normalcy. In the first month, follow this diet and take your medicines normally. The next month, take only half a tablet, the third month totally give up the medicine, and get tested in the fourth month. If necessary, you may have to take medicine for a few days. Of course, even if you give up medicine, you will not have any complications like the swelling, change of voice, or weakness. You should eat grams like green gram, Bengal gram or groundnut along with coconut, ginger, dates and dry fruits, etc. Next, exercise, if time permits. Pranayama and some yogasanas will help you even more. So you don’t have to use iodized salt to cure thyroid disease. It’s not necessary.

14. Skin diseases

Skin diseases take a longer time to be cured. The only medicine for these diseases is total raw food. Medicines give you only temporary relief. Of course, you can use medicines or ointment in the course of this new routine to relieve pain. Salted food will never cure you of skin disease. You should resist the temptation to eat salt. Even if you attend parties or weddings, you should satisfy yourself with just curd rice. Much diligence is required. Those who take medicines take a longer time to get cured than those who don’t use medicines. You have specialists in various fields for each disease in Allopathy. But in our natural lifestyle, you don’t require any doctor. So there are no consultation fees, no medicines, no blood tests, no X-rays, no hospitals, and so no waste of money! There is only one cure for all diseases.
 It is Natural Life Style. All diseases vanish in Natural Life Style! You just control your appetite. That is enough. Age-old, chronic diseases are no longer tough nuts to crack. You shouldn’t entertain any fear in your mind. Don’t wonder whether this food suits you or not. Don’t think of your disease, or the medicine you use. Do one thing and one thing only: wholeheartedly follow Natural Life Style. You cannot get rid of any disease or its medicine without adapting to natural food and natural lifestyle. It is better late than never! Turn your mind towards Naturopathy and lead a peaceful healthy life.


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