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Press Release –NOV25, 2011–– today announced a FREE E-Book to answer questions like how to do oil pulling? oilforoilpulling, pulling oil and diseases cured and the science behind oilpulling therpy and much more. This 115 plus page is packed with rich content and useful information related to oilpulling. This e-book is 100% free of cost to everyone available in 13 different languages. Oil pulling is a very simple, completely harmless, and inexpensive nature cure therapy. The cost is the price of a daily spoonful of vegetable oil—cheaper than even a vitamin tablet. However, oil pulling  is one of the most powerful forms of therapy. is the first ever website to publish on this wonderful therapy. We are glad to say that thousands of websites all over the world took the content from popularized this therapy. One astonishing fact about this therapy is, it is the simplest of all the natural remedies and won the confidence of millions of people all around the world.

The fact that, wonderful therapy is accessed by people in 100 countries and the countless emails we have received over the years and multitude of testimonies on the effectiveness indicate that oil pulling method is a sure winner in the natural remedies' area. The sheer volume of responses is an indicative of the fact that, this therapy needs to be taken seriously.

Over the years at, We did lot of research on this method and strongly believe in making this method available to everyone  without  putting any spin on the original Dr.F.Karach recommendation. Hence caution you not to waste any money on any book or spend countless hours studying about this.

Even though this is a simple process some of our readers expressed an interest to receive the information in  a e-book format.  Hence at oilpulling,com we are releasing an e-book FREE of cost to every one. pl. Send an email to to receive a link for e-book download. Become friends with original oilpulling therapy at For latest information on oilpulling read

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